2-hour wait for ambulance

This goes hand in hand with our hospital being over capacity. I fail to see how we are adequately serviced when 98 year old seniors are having to wait on their floors for hours potentially injured with neck and back injuries. A 98 year old is fragile. Our hospital has people stuck in halls and people waiting for beds which means when paramedics come in they must wait with their patients.

It took more than 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the fire truck to come get this 98 year old off the floor before the paramedics arrived and I wonder what’s going on?

We need this addressed. Why aren’t our first responders more supported and our residents looked after?

We aren’t ‘adequately serviced’ in this area if these things are occurring.

please email Harwinder Sandhu, MLA for Vernon-Monashee at Harwinder.Sandhu.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Here’s the follow up story on my neighbor who fell. What do you think of the response times and the answers given by BCEHS?