Fire at heritage post office

Funny enough I just was talking to my father about this and saying that this was likely to happen unless our city gets to fencing this off and securing the building. I have been pushing and pushing for this park to be cleaned up with members of council and staff. There needs to be a secure fence at the back and the trees cut back so you can easily see behind it. It is of course human caused as there’s often people using it to hide behind and utilize the building as cover to partake in activities. Unless further action is taken I suspect this won’t be the last time we see this happen. There is an opportunity to do this with some upcoming work on the culverts and I hope the city now looks seriously at doing something further to protect this building and our neighborhood. This building is in need of care and attn or we should simply remove it as it’s a fire hazard. Either we care for it or we don’t, I vote for maintenance.

Fire behind Vernon's heritage post office quickly knocked down - Vernon News


Fire behind Vernon’s heritage post office quickly knocked down – Vernon News