Five years ago

Five years ago I asked our city for a new pool. Now five years later Council this week passed the borrowing bylaw for our community’s new Active Living Centre. I listen to the community and advocate. I will continue to.

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How about a pool? - Vernon News
Photo: Greater Recreation Services
A Vernon resident has asked city council if there is a plan for a new pool
Castanet – November 30, 2017  · How about a pool? – Vernon News

Does Vernon need a new pool?

Vernon resident Dawn Tucker believes it does and she told city council during 2018 budget deliberations.

“The public wants to know what it takes to get a new recreation facility, specifically a pool,” Tucker said during a break in the discussion Wednesday to allow for public input.

In October, Vernon’s recreation services hired RC Strategies PERC to conduct a recreation master plan.

“We are just establishing the public engagement aspect of the project and it will start to be rolled out in the near future,” said Doug Ross, recreation services manager. “The process should be wrapped up by next fall.”
The plan is expected to put “all types of recreation facilities in some order of priority,” said Will Pearce, the city’s chief executive officer.

Pearce also mentioned the public consultation process to ensure there was general support for a pool or any other type of facility