Is this the official position of our City Council?

Sorry but I don’t see how lamenting the fact that folks in B.C. are now allowed to possess small amounts of some drugs, makes our communities any safer?

Personally I think this is a health issue and we shouldn’t criminalize people for having an opioid addiction, anymore than any other type of addiction.

But I also know, that decriminalization alone isn’t enough to combat the opioid crisis.

As our RCMP superintendent stated, we also need a safe drug supply. And our communities need more support in areas such as rehab, detox, mental health, housing, etc.

I urge our City Council to have a close look at our existing City bylaws that already prohibit the use of controlled substances (including alcohol and drugs) in public places. Could the RCMP and City Bylaw work together with other agencies including Interior Health to form an interdisciplinary opioid response team?

What are your thoughts?