Notice of motion – anti-racism policy

I’m here to publicly announce my support towards Kelly Fehr, Vernon City Councillor’s notice of motion calling for a reconsideration of an anti-racism and anti-racial discrimination policy for the next City of Vernon council meeting.

It’s time one of our largest employers (City of Vernon) in the area had a specific policy around anti-racism and anti-racial discrimination. During my election campaign I spoke wirh city employees who told me of the need for this specific policy. My experience within the School District as a employee and union member also supports how much specific polices are better suited to helping employees in a workplace environment over general ones like what’s currently in place at the city. It’s time this policy is put in place and it’s time leadership is shown by our council and by extension our municipality in this area. It’s not enough to simply say we are against racism we must take actions toward showing our commitment around it. It’s not enough to also put training on employees of the city but I would state that council should put themselves through any training they are advising of staff. It’s time for our city to show progress and support of all of our residents. Let’s be leaders in every way we can be. I urge those councillors that voted against this last time- councillors Brian Quiring, Akbal Mund, & Kari Gares reconsider their vote this time. I also encourage newish councillor Teresa Durning and new councilor Brian Guy to vote for this motion. It’s time for this to pass.

If you’d like to write or call in support of this motion I’ll leave the link to mayor and council as well as the link to the notice of motion itself from Councillor Fehr’s blog.

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